Midwife's story at 45

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I assisted a woman this summer that was 45 years old, g6p4 ages 24, 13, 9, 6 years old. 1st forceps breech, 2nd Cesarean for active HSV, 3rd induced Vbac, 4-miscarriage, 5-Vbac at home (got tired of docs and hospitals looking for problems) 6-miscarriage, 7- conceived 6 month after miscarriage. Very supportive, and same husband with last 3 children . Excellent diet. Living 40 miles from the closest hospital.

She had her 1st two visits at the local clinic with Family Practice doctors, who strongly recommended hospital birth due to age and distance to hospital and refused referral for home birth. She and her family were well aware of her risk factors, they also were aware of the risks of going to the hospital for routine birth with her "risk" factors.

She used a lot of herbs throughout, chiro care for her back, she was in a lot a back pain at the end. She was totally receptive to transferring to hospital/docs at the earliest signs of problems.

She gained the most she had of all pregnancies, and felt her years at the end of pregnancy. 9 hours latent, 4 hours active, 20 minutes pushing. 17min3rd followed by 450-500cc bleeding. (I saw my partner inadvertently put a lot of tension on the cord right after birth which probably may have contributed.)

Mom and babe are great!


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