Officially pregnant with my 1st at 46

1st -
I will be 46 in October, and as of today am officially pregnant with my first baby!!

I tried off and on with lots of travel to get to my donor to get pregnant with my best friend (using at home insemination technique). I was 43, but turned 44 by our third try. Then, he bailed on me... long story.

So, after dealing with the disappointment of that I went to my Gyno and asked for a good fertility specialist (and apparently ended up with THE best one in Canada, I have since discovered.)

Everything with me was fine - I ovulated, I had fairly low FSH for my age (8), tubes were open etc, but the IUI's I had in January and February didn't take. I was told it would be a miracle b/c of "older eggs" - they call me an "elderly" patient!!

This was devastating - all I kept thinking was why can cats, dogs, squirrels etc. have young, I want to be blessed too. I was on Clomid (100mg) but only had one follicle in January and February.

Then in March after MommaKath's No. 2 Herbs for Clomid users, and the clomid, I had FOUR follicles ranging between 10 and 18 mm. I had an IUI March 13, and felt myself ovulating all along the 2 hour drive to get to the clinic.


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